Working for the benefit of humanity
Treating the patients like your own flesh and blood

Putting the patient first
Making a contribution to the local community

1. Expanding the scope of care and upgrading medical technology and facilities.
2. Developing oncology , liver disease prevention , treatment of acute and severe diseases , and hospice care , and the establishment of additional wards for patients with chronic diseases and mental illness , so as to improve overall service quality
3. Creating opportunities for Poh-Ai Hospital staff to undertake advanced study at overseas medical centers , to facilitate the development of whole-person care
4. Establishment of a community healthcare department , making Poh-Ai Hospital a community-focused , full-function hospital.
5. Leveraging community resources to promote community medicine , geriatric care and long-term care; promoting preventive healthcare , disease management , and community care programs.
6. Strengthening the functions of the health examination center and the provision of community health education , so as to improve overall health quality in the local community.

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